Our Teachers

Clara Ibarra

Clara is a very talented and loving teacher. She is our Physical Education Teacher and enjoys sharing her enthusiasm, talents and love with the children.  


Trini resides in nearby Úrsulo Galván. She is our expert in working with younger kids. She loves her work and it shows.. 

Antonio Lara

Antonio has joined us at La Casa to lead the older boys in more advanced projects and skills 

Kathy Crawford Naas

Kathy is a teacher from Chico, CA is the Educational Liason for La Casa. She brings her passion for the arts and service learning to the children of Lo de Marcos twice a year. She has been instrumental in the development of our library and our music programs as well as helping in coordinating our service learning and Volunteer programs 

Teacher Assistants

Each year we select 2-3 of the older children at La Casa to work as assistants to our teachers. This gives them a chance to experience a little more responsibility in La Casa and to get some experience working closely with the teachers.